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One for the birds …

“Why don’t you ever refill the bowl so that the pigeons can eat?” said the wife recently. “It’s cold, and the poor things must be hungry.”


Sure, it is cold, and I’ll bet they are hungry, too. And, they can jolly well wait.


I used to fill the bowl with unfailing regularity every morning – it became as regular a routine as brushing my teeth after waking up.


It has become a pain in the you know where, however.


The pesky birds perch themselves on the balcony parapet and wait for me to show up in the morning. Almost as if it is their predetermined birth right. I can see them cast shifty glances at the door to see if I have arrived to serve them.


Once the birdseed is deposited in the bowl, you see a different kind of look – as if to say, “Scram, we are busy, so buzz off.”


The ingratitude. The indifference.


And, to add insult, they mess up the place with their generous deposits.


This really ticks me off.


But watching them shove, jostle, push, fight, peck at each other, as they scramble for the seed has given me another insight. It opened my eyes to the fact they are replicating what each one of us does on a daily basis.


We are all in this rat race. In one way or another, we shove, jostle, push, fight, peck at each other – be it socially, domestically, or at the work place. The only difference is that we attempt to gild a little finesse into it.


We are demanding, we are self-centred, we are intolerant of others invading our space.


We launch into discourses on how advanced, mature, and intelligent we are. We preen (just like the pigeons do) about our material acquisitions. We judge others by our yardsticks. We do not give credit where it is due. We look at everything with a jaundiced view, an extremely limited perspective.


Makes you think.


Sure, I will fill the birdseed bowl tomorrow morning. This will not change my views about the pigeons, though.




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Expedition to the Antipodes …

The Indian cricket team is all set to play in the Antipodes (for the uninformed, this refers to the opposite end of the world, or what the Brits refer to Australia and New Zealand), and will be hoping to make a good impression this time around – in contrast to the rout some years ago.


India’s cricket-crazy public has been over the moon, so to speak, after the team’s excellent showing against the visiting Aussies and the English. The ODI series victory in the Emerald Isles only added to the feel-good factor.


There are loud public pronouncements about this being the world’s numero uno team, that this is best Indian team EVER.


I think this team is genuinely good. It is balanced, has players who possess the guts, the burning desire, and, fundamentally, the ability to take on all comers. And, it has a captain who is a gritty fighter, an instinctive sort of chap, who has instilled a “no-fear” mentality in the team.


But, hold your horses, guys. A trip to New Zealand is not something to be casual about.


The Kiwi skipper, Daniel Vettori, has said that he fears the havoc that the big-hitting Virender Sehwag and Mahendra Singh Dhoni can wreak on the smallish grounds in that part of the world.


However, very few of the players have experienced the extremely pacy wickets out there. Yes, the Indians have a bunch of quicks who have demonstrated the ability to exploit the conditions, and batsmen who have learnt how to deal with the moving ball, but playing on foreign shores is a different proposition as compared to turning out on the dust bowls of the sub-continent.


I think this is a good team. I think it will do well.


Yet, one would do well to temper one’s expectations.


Beating the Kiwis on their home turf would be great. But not doing so does not make the Indian team any inferior.


For, as in life, you win some, you lose some.


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Valentines’ Day – unedefying sometimes

I am very amused about the extreme views displayed on Valentines’ Day this year.


Are you in love? Does someone mean so much to you? Well, then, say it aloud. Show it.


But do you need one day in the year to display and demonstrate that love? Valentines’ Day is meant to be an occasion where you are expected to show your affection for a loved one.


Does this mean that the other 364 days are relatively love-less?


Your lady love perhaps appreciates a word of endearment, an occasional gift, a thoughtful gesture. But, does this have to packaged into a binge on one specific day?


Defeats the very purpose. Might even sound hypocritical. Could well evoke a response as if to say, “So, you will forget about me for the rest of the year?”


To be sure, it is a jackpot for sellers of roses (and the ones I have seen being sold this year are devoid of fragrance, as I have observed!!!). The Greetings Card guys have it good, too. As do the websites that specialize in freebee e-cards.


But, then, humans are, by and large, romantic at heart, and a fun day is no bad thing, if your inclination so dictates.


What sticks in the throat, however, is when certain people publicly denounce and decide what others should or shouldn’t do on this day. The unedifying spectacle of a group playing “moral cop” in some parts of India recently left a bad taste in the mouth.


It’s a matter of choice.

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First up

There are so many things I want to write about this day. The fact that I woke up suddenly at 4 in the morning wondering why it was necessary to face the world at this unearthly hour.

The fact that the traffic on the roads, while on my way to work, was unusually light for this time of day – are people goofing off prior to the week-end?

The fact that there is a meeting schedule as long as the length of my extended arm.

The weekend is about to begin – as usual, there’s a lot on the to-do list. Equally, there is the conviction that nothing significant will eventually get done.

I shall, perhaps, gaze out of the window and watch the world go by – people scurrying by, each with his or her own intent. Makes me wonder sometimes – why do people always seem to be in a hurry?

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