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One for the birds …

“Why don’t you ever refill the bowl so that the pigeons can eat?” said the wife recently. “It’s cold, and the poor things must be hungry.”


Sure, it is cold, and I’ll bet they are hungry, too. And, they can jolly well wait.


I used to fill the bowl with unfailing regularity every morning – it became as regular a routine as brushing my teeth after waking up.


It has become a pain in the you know where, however.


The pesky birds perch themselves on the balcony parapet and wait for me to show up in the morning. Almost as if it is their predetermined birth right. I can see them cast shifty glances at the door to see if I have arrived to serve them.


Once the birdseed is deposited in the bowl, you see a different kind of look – as if to say, “Scram, we are busy, so buzz off.”


The ingratitude. The indifference.


And, to add insult, they mess up the place with their generous deposits.


This really ticks me off.


But watching them shove, jostle, push, fight, peck at each other, as they scramble for the seed has given me another insight. It opened my eyes to the fact they are replicating what each one of us does on a daily basis.


We are all in this rat race. In one way or another, we shove, jostle, push, fight, peck at each other – be it socially, domestically, or at the work place. The only difference is that we attempt to gild a little finesse into it.


We are demanding, we are self-centred, we are intolerant of others invading our space.


We launch into discourses on how advanced, mature, and intelligent we are. We preen (just like the pigeons do) about our material acquisitions. We judge others by our yardsticks. We do not give credit where it is due. We look at everything with a jaundiced view, an extremely limited perspective.


Makes you think.


Sure, I will fill the birdseed bowl tomorrow morning. This will not change my views about the pigeons, though.




February 19, 2009 - Posted by | About this and that

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