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Valentines’ Day – unedefying sometimes

I am very amused about the extreme views displayed on Valentines’ Day this year.


Are you in love? Does someone mean so much to you? Well, then, say it aloud. Show it.


But do you need one day in the year to display and demonstrate that love? Valentines’ Day is meant to be an occasion where you are expected to show your affection for a loved one.


Does this mean that the other 364 days are relatively love-less?


Your lady love perhaps appreciates a word of endearment, an occasional gift, a thoughtful gesture. But, does this have to packaged into a binge on one specific day?


Defeats the very purpose. Might even sound hypocritical. Could well evoke a response as if to say, “So, you will forget about me for the rest of the year?”


To be sure, it is a jackpot for sellers of roses (and the ones I have seen being sold this year are devoid of fragrance, as I have observed!!!). The Greetings Card guys have it good, too. As do the websites that specialize in freebee e-cards.


But, then, humans are, by and large, romantic at heart, and a fun day is no bad thing, if your inclination so dictates.


What sticks in the throat, however, is when certain people publicly denounce and decide what others should or shouldn’t do on this day. The unedifying spectacle of a group playing “moral cop” in some parts of India recently left a bad taste in the mouth.


It’s a matter of choice.


February 19, 2009 - Posted by | About this and that

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