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A “forward” a day …

Not a day goes by without a huge stack of email forwards in the in-box, some of them being multiple forwards (more on that later). I have no issues with mails getting forwarded, per se, since some of them are genuinely good, informative, thought provoking, or simply funny.


There was a mail many years ago that said “You have received this forward because I thought of you today”. Nice. Very touching.


And, there are some friends / family who are compulsive “forwarders”. They enjoy it, and, often, it is enjoyable going through what they send forth. Time permitting, reading these forwards is a nice, relaxing way to spend some time at the end of a long day.


In my lexicon, there are three kinds of “forwarders”.


The first category is those who receive a lot of stuff themselves, and faithfully dump all of that into your mailbox. Some good, some plain junk.  They tend to occupy enormous amount of bandwidth, and clog your mail quota, but, you tend to be tolerant about this, by and large.


The second is those who are very selective about what they forward, and it is genuinely nice when you receive these, because, more often than not, what they send is useful and makes you think.


It is the third category that really ticks me off, and whenever I see them, a certain irritation and anger rises within me. It is, perhaps, an unjustified reaction, but I can’t help feeling this way. Instinctively, I delete these mails without even bothering to open them.


A bit of elaboration on this third category.


A sub-set of this is those who send you forwards that promise that if you send it onwards within 5 / 7 minutes, you will receive millions, receive blessings, receive a bonanza, some poor kid will be benefited, you will receive Nokia’s latest gizmo, etc. They are, perhaps, not willing to take a chance themselves, and unload this rubbish on others. Thanks guys, I am happy with what I have, and don’t need such inducements. And, as for some poor kid somewhere, let me assure you that Microsoft, Intel or whoever, has no way of tracking such mails, and, besides, will not be bothered about this kind of thing, anyway.


There are some who receive forwards, repackage them as if they are their own creation, and smugly send them off with any compunction. Who are you trying to kid? Doesn’t it ever cross your mind that the person who sent you a forward has also sent the same offering to others? Do you have that supreme, seemingly divine right to claim ownership? It is this category of “forwarders” who get me angry, really angry. I have, on occasion, been tempted to send back a stinker and demand that they stop this nonsense, but have desisted for the fundamental reason that it is not worth getting my BP up because of such jackasses.


Hmmmm … I took a deep breath as I wrote this, and tried to calm myself down.


I realize, though, that it takes all kinds to make this world go around. Just accept, and let go!!!


There are many “forwards” waiting in the inbox. Let me go and have a look. Who knows, some of them might be interesting. And, you can be sure that my mouse pointer will be hovering above the delete button, just in case!!!


March 1, 2009 - Posted by | About this and that

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