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Ready for another day …

A bunch of school kids, accompanied, in many cases, by their Dad/Mom/Grandad, shuffles into the elevator with me each morning as I leave for work. It takes all of 90 seconds for the descent, but it is interesting to watch the spectacle that unfolds.


The Grandad of two little girls has a rough time getting both to enter the elevator on time – one of the kids is invariably slow to arrive. He smiles apologetically, gently cajoles the child to buck up, and tells you about how hard it is to get the youngsters ready on time.


A floor down sees the entry of one of those ever-hassled Moms – final touches to the child’s school uniform are provided, with much grumbling, while kiddo looks on most embarrassedly.


The genial chap from the third floor is subjected to a double whammy. One side, you have his two daughters, and on the other is the wife, who also leaves for work at the same time. The harried look on his face tells it all as the lady directs her ire at the poor chap, providing early morning entertainment to all those present in the narrow confines of the elevator.


The kids, meanwhile, rub their eyes, no doubt after a late night, and you notice a decidedly reluctant spring to their step.


I have noticed that school bus time is also a social occasion, as the Mammas load their wards onto the various buses, and hang around for a spot of idle chit chat.


I can imagine the parents sending the kids off to school, taking a deep breath, letting out loud sighs and coming to terms with their own sleep-deprived state, as they face yet another edition of the rat race.


Can’t but help smile at this daily spectacle.


March 1, 2009 - Posted by | About this and that

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