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Good morning …

Have you ever pondered about how people behave in elevators?


I know what you must be thinking …. in the midst of all the problems and issues that we face today, this crotchet is thinking about something as silly as peoples’ behavior in a mundane elevator!!!


But, pause for a moment and think about it. Typically, how do you react when you enter an elevator that already has people in it? Do you join the group and stay silent all the way till it reaches the floor where you want to get off?


This thought struck me the other day when a total stranger entered, looked around, said a cheery good morning (to no one in particular), and then went about doing whatever he had set out to.


I then started noticing what people did. Some enter, glance at their watches (happens very often), and stay silent – probably forgot to check the time prior to their journey!!!. Some others suddenly realize that there must be something important on their mobiles, whip out the device, have a look, and very self-importantly put it back in their pockets.


Some “travelers” stand right next to the door, as if waiting for it to open so that they can make a hasty exit. And, yet some others stand pressed back against the wall, as if to say, “I am very reluctantly sharing this space with you, am tolerating you much against my better judgment because I have no alternative, so don’t come too close”.


A few look up at the ceiling, noticeably anxious to avoid catching the eye of anyone else present. There is another category that will cast a look at the mirror, make small adjustments to their clothes, or whatever.


And, I have also noticed some particularly natty types who are quick on the draw with their pocket-combs, and decide that the short ride is a perfect opportunity to do some minor maintenance of their impeccable hairdo.


Why? It’s all rather strange isn’t it?


What do we lose if we nod a general acknowledgement to all present? Does it cost us anything to smile (if one is so inclined) and say “Good morning” or “Good evening”, or just a simple “Hello”? It lifts the moment. The guy who has attached himself to the wall might still display signs of resentment that you have intruded into his valuable space, but you would have cheered yourself, and some of the others, up.


I tried it out this morning, and was genuinely amazed when I got back a few smiles and some words of greeting.


I don’t know if it made any difference at all to the others, but it sure made me feel good.


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