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Recession and you …

Global recession. Unless you live on a faraway island in the middle of the Pacific, chances are that you see this term being used on a daily basis in almost every sphere of life.


Earlier, whenever a group of people met, the usual subjects for conversation were traffic congestion, inflation, escalating house rents, how come Aamir Khan built up those abs, etc.


Today, it is all about recession.


The conversation invariably turns to the number of people who are returning home, the queue for school transfer certificates, defaults on maxed-out credit cards, etc.


Depressing stuff.


A few months ago, as the bad news started to trickle in, there was a feeling that the problem was confined to the U.S. and, perhaps, Europe. Will it affect us? No way, was the view.


The reality today is quite different, and the impact is being felt.


I was amazed the other day when we went to a prominent mall. It took almost an hour to find a slot to park in, and I thought “Hmm, business seems to be good here.” There were people everywhere, and I wondered if stories about the recession were really true.


It was then that it struck me that most people were just strolling around – they did not have shopping bags in their hands. Given a cash crunch, and being reluctant to spend money for alternate forms of entertainment, people were visiting malls in order to spend time.


Closer observation revealed that supermarket trolleys were half-full – they were loaded to the brim not so long ago


The irony of it all was startling, to say the least.


Standing in a long line at a supermarket checkout recently, I was most amused to overhear two middle-aged housewives animatedly discussing the effect that recession was going to have on their daily life, and how it was going to be more difficult to go and watch the latest Bollywood tear-jerker at the neighborhood Cineplex.


Why, this morning, I saw a photograph of a restaurant that put up a board advertising a “Special Meltdown Price” week-day buffet at a 15% discount.


When “sub-prime” became big news a few months ago, I did some research on the subject, and was quite startled to see how the banking sector (in all fairness, partly) had created something that would shake the very foundations of the global economic system. I also spoke on the subject at a Toastmasters meeting (maybe I will share this on this Blog some time).


There have been mails doing the rounds about what to do in these recessionary times – well meaning advice, to be sure. A time for everyone to reassess one’s situation, and come up with the Plan B and C should something go wrong.


This is, perhaps, as good a time as any to catch up on those matters that one had kept on the back burner all these months/years. Expand one’s skills, interests, hobbies, activities.


Time to be a bit more creative.


And, perhaps, time to create a personal Blog?


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