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Jai Ho !!!

It was hilarious. A popular TV news channel was on at dinner time last night, and I almost choked on my falafel when I saw Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi deliver what I thought was an incredibly funny tongue-in-cheek.


He said the “real credit” for Slumdog Millionaire’s Oscar success belonged to the rival Congress, without whom there would have been no slums, hence no movie. “If Congress had not been around, slums would not have been there. If slums had not existed there would not be any slumdogs and consequently the movie (Slumdog Millionaire) would not have been made…..Because of slums, we have a movie on it and as a result, we have awards. So the credit for the Oscars goes to the Congress. It is a result of the misdeeds of the Congress and it is a Congress miracle.”


“The remarks show a perverted mindset, which has become so much part of Mr. Modi’s thinking,” was the view of a Congress Party member.


And, a Congress spokesperson said, “We are not surprised. Modi is a person of perverted mind. He can say things.” He went on to add, “While the country has welcomed the Oscar winning spree of our artistes and the entire world is appreciating the creativity of Indian artistes, a person like Modi with a perverted mind cannot appreciate the beauty of art and our artistes.”


Incidentally, the Congress Party has been quick to climb on to the Slumdog bandwagon, and has decided to adopt A R Rahman’s Oscar-winning song in its campaign for the upcoming elections. One hears that the party has bought the rights of the lyrics and tune for the award-winning song and will use it during the elections to ”showcase what the Congress represented to the people of India. The song represented hope and possibility in the film based on a rags-to-riches story and the Congress-led government rekindled hope in the multitudes.”


Jai Ho !!!!


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