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Beat it ….

The year was 1982, and I remember watching Michael Jackson’s hit song “Beat it” win two Grammy Awards. My little son, who had just begun to speak, used to sing a few lines of the song, too.


It was fascinating to watch this talented youngster sing, dance magically, and enthrall audiences all over the globe. He was something special in the world of music. His distinctive dance style surely influenced several other pop and R&B artistes, and he reeled off several hits, some of which were listed as the world’s best-selling albums – Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and HIStory (1995).


The Jackson phenomenon grew rapidly. Dizzying record deals with major music labels, sell-out concerts all over the world, involvement with 39 charities, etc.


We heard about his lifestyle, his fabulous house – Neverland Ranch, complete with a Ferris Wheel, etc. We heard about his chimpanzee named Bubbles.


But, the passage of time has not been kind, and it was sad to see how the Jackson aura unraveled at dizzying pace.


The spectacle of the singer trying to alter his appearance was not at all appealing. It is said that his skin colour changed because of illness. We heard about his suffering from various other ailments.


We also heard about his two marriages, his three kids. And, we heard about his trial for child molestation, a charge that was never proved. And, we heard about his declining finances.


“Wacko Jackson” was the pejorative term used to describe this one-time pop icon.


We now hear that he is to perform in ten concerts in London later this year.


The question is that, at the age of 50, will it be the same Michael Jackson? Will he merely lip sync, or will he actually sing? Will he be able to reproduce those wonderful dance steps he became legendary for?


The chances are that we will not see the same person again.


It is sad. Why do people try to revive past glories, when they are clearly over the hill? Is it the hunger for fame? Is it the self-satisfying urge to stay in the limelight? Is it the inner sense of feeling immortal?


I don’t know. But I wish Michael Jackson had not planned this new tour. It will not be the same.


To be sure, there will be thousands of fans who pay big money to go watch, hoping to see some of that old sparkle.


They might be in for a huge disappointment.


I do not mean to be rude or crude. But, one sound piece of advice to Michael Jackson might be “Beat It”.


One would prefer to remember the Michael Jackson of the ‘80s, not the ageing version.


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