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Wedded for life????

The mangalsutra is a symbol of marriage amongst Hindus, and the woman wears it all her life for as long as her husband is alive.


There is a certain sanctity to this ornament.


Strange, then, that some political parties are now distributing brass (why not gold???) mangalsutras to their activists who will be involved with the upcoming election campaign. These ornaments will, apparently, carry the party’s symbol, and are considered to be a way of connecting with voters.


The manufacturers of these ornaments are not complaining. Nor are those who manufacture other articles such as caps, flags, stickers, etc. We even hear of tattoos that can be worn on the cheeks, forehead, or hands.


Anything goes, it would appear.


If the brass mangalsutra is a means of garnering votes from rural Indian women, the term “Wedded for life” seems to be gaining a totally new dimension!!!


Wow, what are things coming to?


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