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Remembering the Digest …

In my younger days, the arrival of the postman, with the month’s edition of the Reader’s Digest, was awaited with eager anticipation. This general-interest magazine had a little bit for everyone, and, unlike other magazines, was a collectable in many households. The Reader’s Digest was distributed only through mail-order and was not sold through news-stands.


I remember the little pocket diary that used to arrive each year – a much sought-after item.



The Reader’s Digest was first published in 1922, and the Indian edition was released in 1954. With a combined circulation of over 20 million copies (50 editions in 21 languages) and a readership of over 100 million, this has become one of the largest selling monthlies in the world. The Indian edition sells 600,000 copies or so.


Unlike many other magazines that are provocative, spicy, or sensationalist, the Digest is conservative in content and has universal appeal, factors that have significantly contributed to its popularity.


It’s been quite a while since I got hold of a copy, though. The magazine has a website – that I definitely plan to include in the favourites list of my browser.


There might have been a gap, but some habits don’t change.


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