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Jai Ho versus Bhay Ho

There is never a dull moment when it comes to the general elections in India. Political parties of all hues pull out all stops, the campaign is intense, and there are no holds barred when it comes to calling names.


Creativity is at its peak during the elections, and gimmicks galore. Even if one is merely a silent observer, the occasional humour and irony is inescapable.


The incumbent Congress party adopted “Jai Ho”, the title song of Slumdog Millionaire for its campaign. Watch one version at :


Did the party’s biggest rival, the Bharatiya Janata Party sit idle and watch? It might have been created by a party supporter, and, therefore, not official party material, but the parody “Bhay Ho” of the Congress version describes, in the party’s view, how the nation has been facing ‘bhay’ (fear), ‘bhookh’ (hunger) and ‘aatank’ (terrorism) over the past five years. Watch it at :


The parody is sung to the tune of “Jai Ho” (wonder what the copyright owners might have to say), and the script runs thus :


‘Aaja aaja voter is jhanse ke tale, aaja aaja jhoote moothe vade ke tale … Bhay ho bhook ho.’

(Come voter, take shelter under false promises. Let fear spread, let hunger spread).


‘Ratti ratti sachi hamne jaan ganvai, bhooke pet jaag jaag raat bitayi, mandi ki maar mein naukri ganva di, gin gin vade hamne jindagi bita di, mandi ho, atank ho, mahangai ho, bhay ho, phir bhi jai ho …’

(We lost lives through dark terrible nights, we have kept awake with empty stomachs, the economic slowdown has taken away our jobs, we have spent a lifetime counting false promises, let there be a slowdown, let terrorism flourish, let prices rise, let fear spread, even then we will say, victory is ours …)



It would be interesting to see what else the various Parties unleash on the electorate. It sure promises to be an entertaining election. Never a dull moment.


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  1. Have been thoroughly enjoying going through various stuff on your blog. Just Greeeaaat!!! The Jai Ho Bhay Ho was cool – and that bit on the elections too.

    In brief – totally hooked on to your blog


    Comment by Jaya | April 13, 2009 | Reply

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