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I don’t know your name, but thank you for your gift of life.

A very well-spoken South African gentleman delivered a keynote address on blood donation at a Toastmasters meeting recently – it sure was an eye opener.


We always talk about doing good to / for others. One way we can definitely make a difference is by donating blood.


It costs nothing to donate 500 ml of blood once in every 2-3 months, the blood supply gets replenished during this period, and there are, in most cases, no after-effects.


We might never ever know who received our blood and for what purpose. The recipient might never know who donated the blood. But, we would have been responsible for saving someone’s life.


We become aware of the need for blood if we require it for ourselves or for a close family member or friend. Our perspective seldom extends beyond this.


I have given blood once in my lifetime during a donation drive organized by a particular organization, but never thought about repeating this in any serious way.


But, after hearing the keynote address, I realized that there is something I can do – help, in my own little way, to save a life.


The speech was brilliant. What remained etched in the mind was the message that I, too, can make a difference.


There is an interesting website of the World Blood Donor Day that I came across –




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