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Two minutes?

The air hostess used to glance anxiously as I placed a mud pot containing mishti-doi in the overhead bin of the aircraft traveling from Calcutta to Bombay. It used to be a regular routine – buying rassogollas and mishti-doi during my trips to that city.


Each city has a unique flavour, its unique specialty. And, for a traveling type, it made good sense to carry that flavour home.


It might sound strange today, but way back in the early 80’s, another product became a staple must-buy whenever I traveled to Delhi. It was a product that was being test-marketed only in the capital, and had become an instant rage.


Maggi 2-Minute Noodles.




Nestle launched these noodles in 1983, and it was an immediate success. I had heard about college kids and bachelors virtually living on the stuff. Being naturally curious, I bought a sample, and liked it. There were two flavours those days, if I recall correctly. This colourful little pack, displayed in mesh bags that hung from the ceilings of grocery stores, definitely grabbed one’s attention, and no subsequent trip to Delhi was complete without a purchase of at least a dozen.


It cost very little – two rupees, I think it was – and I loved the product, especially the one that was known as Capsika (is it still there?). And, the versatility of the instant noodles meant several interesting culinary possibilities at home.


Twenty five years is a long time in the life cycle of a product, but Maggi 2-Minute Noodles have endured, grown, and continue to do well, I understand. No surprise, then, that Nestle India is rolling out a new campaign drive to celebrate the 25th anniversary.


I do not live in India at the moment, and local grocers here sell a different version of Maggi 2-Minute Noodles. However, it is the Indian version, that’s available in some India-centric stores, which I buy occasionally to this day.


The brand’s slogan currently is ‘Taste bhi, health bhi’. I am not sure about the health aspect, but the taste sure lingers.


Two minutes? Time well spent, I would say.


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  1. Yes, Maggi is celeberating 25 years!!
    The “taste bhi, health bhi” tagline was only introduced in 2005 when Nestle introduced the wheat/atta version of this blockbuster brand.
    The original “masala” still remains a favourite till today.


    Comment by Prashant Sampat | April 8, 2009 | Reply

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