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Bhajji’s doosra !!!

Cricket is big money in India, and the game’s leading lights are raking in the moolah.


He is India’s premier front line spinner today, and Harbhajan Singh has now sold licensing rights to his name as a brand to a Delhi based company. Bhajji is the first Indian sportsman to do so.




Sachin Tendulkar endorses a host of brands ranging from Adidas to Visa, MRF, Royal Bank of Scotland and Aviva insurance. Current India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni endorses twenty brands including Dabur Honey, Aircel, Boost, Kolkata Fashion Week, etc. and is second only to film actor Shah Rukh Khan in terms of number of brands endorsed. Kapil Dev will, apart from his cricketing exploits, be remembered for his “Palmolive da jawab nahin” endorsement.


Making money during one’s prime is no bad thing since the active span of any sportsman lasts only a few years. Few make big money later – unless they become commentators or officials.


Providing financial security for one’s future is a sensible option, without doubt.


While brand endorsement has been around for long, the concept of celebrity branding is comparatively new in India. Yes, one has seen some examples such as the Shah Rukh range of perfumes. And, Mohanlal’s chain of restaurants.


In the West, though, celebrity branding is big business, particularly in the fashion and fragrance industries, with notable celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Venus Williams lending their names. Actor Paul Newman’s range of “Newman’s Own” food has been a big success. And boxer George Foreman’s range of cooking appliances has been prominent, too.


So, the plunge taken by Harbhajan Singh is an interesting development. And the possibilities are many – a line of apparel, merchandise, kits, energy drinks, and more.


Smart Sardar!!!


A typical father might tell his young son, “Beta, kuch bhi kar lo, apne naam ki izzat rakhna” (Son, do whatever you wish, but maintain the respect and image of your name).


Some well-known cricketers such as Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, and Virender Sehwag, have lent their names to the restaurant business. But, these have been primarily stand-alone establishments.


But, if one does end up dining at a “Bhajji da dhaba” (that might appear in major cities of North India), it will be with the hope that one does not end up with a “doosra”.


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