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Atilogwu – Is this magic?

Music and dance are an integral part of many cultures, and some of the dance forms have deeply symbolic and even religious significance. Dance, combined with music, often weaves an intricate story that carries deep meaning.


In certain African societies, dance goes beyond mere creative expression. It is almost fundamental to the way of life. Play lively music, and you will see people from some regions automatically sway – a fascinating sight.


There is one dance form I have seen that is wonderfully expressive. It is called Atilogwu and originates in Anambra State in eastern Nigeria. The Igbos, the people of that part of the country, consider this to be their “national” dance.


Atilogwu Dance

Atilogwu Dance


Atilogwu which literally means “Is this magic?” is vigorous, lively, and fast. The foot-stomping rhythm, and the gymnastic and acrobatic routine, accompanied by drum beats, is vibrant. Add to this the colourful costumes, and you have a performance that is as spectacular as it is entertaining.


It is a dance that is brilliant to watch. Have a look at some samples at :


It wouldn’t surprise me if you want to see more.


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