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Every dog has his day

The 2009 version of the IPL has begun, and it does appear that the organizers have done a marvelous job in getting things under way in such a short span of time.


The opening ceremony was good, though not extraordinary, and the general festive mood was definitely in evidence. It sure promises to be an interesting month and a bit of television viewing.


The crowd was keen and energetic, ace percussionist Sivamani kept up his traditional drum beats, and the commentators pumped up their vocals. But, after all the hype, the two matches on the opening day were disappointing, with all four teams playing well below what they are capable of.


Missing were the pyrotechnics witnessed on the opening day last year when Brendon McCullum blasted a century. Instead, we witnessed some good old-fashioned grafting from some of the seasoned Test stars.


The shaggy, black canine, that held centre stage for about ten minutes during the first match, hung around longer than some of the big names, and if the performance of the batsmen didn’t exactly light up the show, the antics of the dog certainly did.




It was a sight watching the spirited efforts of the ground-staff as they attempted to get the mutt off the field.


Makes you wonder how the dog got onto the playing arena in the first place. A cynical journalist even speculated if the ten minute hold-up in proceedings was a deliberate ploy to generate some additional advertising revenue for television broadcasters.


The Guardian newspaper’s Rob Smyth came up with this gem, “How can you take this tournament seriously now? All the money in the world, and they can’t get a dog off the pitch. Imagine if it started relieving itself on a good length.”


There is, potentially, the likelihood of much grumbling in thousands of households across the world, as husbands park themselves immovably before the TV screen each day for the next five weeks, and sparks are sure to fly as all social obligations are deferred / ignored.


Will I be watching? Yes.


Will it be fun? One sure hopes so.


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