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The face in the mirror

In some way or another, we crib about most everything.


The weather is either too hot or too cold, it is too humid, and there is too much pollution. The neighbour is an inquisitive loudmouth, the boss is a pain in the butt, the subordinate is a habitual shirker.


The guy in the next lane is an inconsiderate road-hog, the shop assistant is too surly, service at the service centre is atrocious, and the samosas are too cold. The banks rip you off with their extortionate service fees, telephone lines are perpetually busy, and the take-away dinner is stale.


It is all a matter of perspective.


The important thing is to draw a line, and take stock of what is REALLY important, and what is not. And this is where we all make mistakes.


Consequently we are unrealistically critical and unreasonable.


We never ever pause, take a step back, and do a reality check about where the problem lies.


This is not to say that there is no problem – it is more a question of how we view and approach it.


I recently came across some very interesting lines written by Marianne Williamson, who is a spiritual activist, author, and lecturer :


“Events are always in flux. One day they love you; the next day you’re their target. One day a situation is running smoothly; the next day chaos reigns. One day you feel like you’re an OK person; the next day you feel like you’re an utter failure. These changes in life are always going to happen; they’re part of the human experience. What can change, however, is how we perceive those experiences. And that shift in our perception is the meaning of miracles.”


How true.


Ï realize that we sometimes carry a lot of baggage of guilt about something we have done or could have done. In this context, Marianne Williamson also says, “You’ve committed no sins, just mistakes.”


The important thing, I suppose, is to learn from these mistakes and move forward. And, look at people, places, events, and things, differently and more objectively


At the end of the day, it is our call, our option.


For, when we wake up in the morning tomorrow, and look at ourselves in the mirror, we have to remember that the face in the mirror belongs to the person who is responsible for our happiness!!!


As I said earlier, it is the perspective.


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