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Never a dull moment !!!

“A good politician rules out nothing”, AIADMK supremo J. Jayalalithaa is reported to have uttered recently. That fascinating insight makes you speculate on what a bad politician, consequently, is prone to do.


A few weeks down the line, there will be many who will debate on whether the current edition of The Great Indian Election Tamasha has bettered previous versions in terms of gimmicks, shenanigans, controversies, hilarity, drama, absurdity, or sheer cussedness.


Not to ignore double-speak.


If Narendra Modi fired the early salvos by taunting the Congress on the Jai Ho platform, Mulayam Singh Yadav earthily stirred the pot with his “No English, no computers” verdict. That this rhetoric was hastily sidestepped is another matter. The same Modi’s “budhiya-gudiya” suggestion was labeled offensive and sexist, and was quickly muted.


Quick sound bites, no long-term recall.


The spat in U.P. between Munnabhai of “Gandhigiri” fame and the incumbent Chief Minister of the state has its funny side, too. Mayawati was not amused by Sanjay Dutt’s offer of a “pappi and jaadu ki jhappi” (kiss and magical hug) and threatened to sling the actor into jail. The FIRs filed against him made Dutt apologize, but, intriguingly, he said he would offer flowers and “jhappi” to Mayawati, but not “pappi”. Better sense prevailed, it would appear.


If mass dispatch of sms messages and emails, public displays of gymnastic athleticism by geriatrics, and intensive stomping of constituencies by suddenly eager and perked-up political types and their cronies was meant to instill confidence in a largely cynical electorate, the aerial delivery of assorted varieties of footwear onto the speakers’ podium was an indication that even the weary voters were seeking alternate ways of keeping amused.


If there is a resigned acceptance of the possibility of a hung Parliament, and the ensuing scramble for forging alliances, the old adage that politics makes for strange bedfellows begins to make sense.


The lady from down-South has probably got it right.


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