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“Weighing” the options

I was amused to read a report recently that said that police in some U.S. states can get fired if they are found to be overweight.

Thoughts turned immediately to the rotund havaldars that operate in many cities throughout India. It’s hard to imagine one of these heavies giving chase to a nimble-footed thief, unless, of course, the mere presence of one of these lathi-wielding weighing-machine-crunchers is a deterrent to all but the most determined law-breaker.

It also brought to mind the uproar some months ago when one of the state-owned airlines decide to ground, and remove from flying duties, some of their overweight cabin crew. Flying, for many travelers, comes with its own fears, and the sight of a considerably overweight airhostess trundling through the aircraft might be cause for quaking knees.

Without sounding discriminatory, the fact is that fitness is an essential element in some professions. The armed forces have strict regulations and do discharge officers and troops who fail to meet minimum standards of physical fitness. Shouldn’t this apply elsewhere, too?

The sight of one of those none-too-light cabin attendants sashaying down the aisle towards you might be enough to quickly persuade you to change your mind, in case you feel the need for a beverage refill.

But, one can’t be blamed for wondering whether greater latitude in the air is more acceptable than having pot-bellies in certain other professsions.


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