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Tendency to procrastinate??

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. For sure, it has been a busy time on various fronts, but blogging has, somehow, been a lower priority.

There have been moments when I have wondered if I was allowing inertia and lethargy to get the better of me. After all, it’s not that I am fully occupied during all my waking hours. If I find time to watch the T20 World Cup matches every evening (including those where the action isn’t exactly gripping), logic and reason suggests that I could take some time off to do some serious writing.

This also reminds me about something else – my tendency to occasionally procrastinate.

The wife complains that I never do anything around the house, siblings complain that I do not call or wish them on their birthdays or anniversaries, and friends complain that I do not keep in touch.

Let me first state that people who have complained are all correct, in some way or another, some of the time.

Having made this honest admission, let me attempt to set the record right.

It is very tempting and easy to brand someone as a procrastinator – because it specifically concerns the person who is the aggrieved party and has a gripe about it. Fair enough.

Now flip the coin and look at a different perspective. My perspective.

There could be an infinite number of things I could want to do (or others want me to do). This being the case, I might do nothing about it. I could, instead, do something not as important. Or, I could take on something that is more important.

From someone else’s perspective, if I decline to go shopping or tidy up the papers in the house, and, instead, choose to write long-pending replies to emails, it might seem like I am procrastinating. Quite the contrary, since, for me, writing the mail is more important at that precise moment. But, it could invite ire.

Using the same scenario, I could choose to be a couch potato and sprawl in front of the television and do precisely nothing. Ditto reaction.

And, if I was to walk around the house and put off all the unnecessary lights but not do go shopping, I would be doing something less important, but, that was what I felt like doing.

The bottom line is that I would be following my own priorities.

There is no doubt that this approach could, potentially, get other peoples’ back up and land me in unpopular territory.

But, what the heck?

I have learnt that doing what I enjoy is by far more rewarding than merely ticking off things on a to-do list. These activities would get far more detailed and careful attention, and would leave me feeling good.

If something else, seemingly more important, has not been attended to, and I appear to be a procrastinator, so be it.

And, guess what? Just struck me that I have actually shrugged off the cobwebs and written a new post on this blog!!!


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