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Fickleness to an extreme!!!

The fickle-mindedness of the Indian cricket fan never ceases to amaze me, and the reaction to India’s exit from the T20 World Cup was not at all surprising.

Burning the captain’s effigy, shouting slogans to denounce the team, and brickbats from armchair pundits, is standard operating procedure whenever the Indian cricket team falls short of expectations.

With some imagination and, perhaps, a slightly different strategy, India could have avoided getting knocked out. Two losses in as many matches are a bit hard to swallow. Could the team have done better? Perhaps yes. But, that is history.

It’s a game. You win some, you lose some.

In the run-up to the World Cup, Mahendra Singh Dhoni received loads of praise for being “Captain Cool”, an inspiring, shrewd, intelligent and innovative (though instinctive) leader. Plaudits were heaped on his ability to do the unexpected when the chips were down and haul India back into the reckoning.

They are burning his effigy today.

This is absurd and totally unwarranted.

Ok, so Dhoni had one bad game. Hind sight might suggest that he, Yuvraj Singh and Yusuf Pathan, should have gone in earlier. Sure, Ravidra Jadeja laboured when faced with a barrage of short-pitched stuff. What if the youngster had fired and scored more and faster than he did? Today’s critics would have bellowed their praise about Dhoni’s inspired move.

I recall the finals of the inaugural T20 World Cup two years ago when Dhoni asked Joginder Sharma to bowl the last over. If that move had not paid off, and if Misbah ul Haq had taken Pakistan to victory, irate Indian fans would demanded the captain’s head. The move worked, however, India won an amazing see-saw match, and Dhoni was hailed as the next best thing to sliced bread.

It’s wrong to solely blame the captain, since cricket is a team sport. The West Indies and England accurately read the Indians’ weakness against the fast, rising, shoulder-high ball, and exploited this. If India’s formidable batting arsenal could not handle this, can you trash just one man?

It’s illogical, churlish and naïve to react the way many have done.

This Indian team has performed very well in recent months, has challenged many myths, re-written the rules, and has been fiercely competitive and committed.

They lost one tournament. So what?


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