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More than just monkeys …

Monkey business

It’s not only monkeys that love bananas – humans do, too.

Although I have never been a great fan of it, the banana is a wonderful fruit in terms of the benefits it offers.

Containing Vitamins C, A1, B6, and B12, bananas are also a good source for the body’s potassium and magnesium needs. The fruit offers a virtually instant energy boost, making it popular amongst sportsmen. It is an inexpensive meal of sorts. It also offers numerous health benefits for ailments and conditions as diverse as blood pressure, constipation, hangovers, heartburn, morning sickness, mosquito bites, PMS, stress, strokes, ulcers etc.

Great stuff.

And, it is not the flesh of the fruit alone that offers benefits.

The leaves of the banana tree are used as “plates” in some parts of the world, and the inner trunk is edible and is used like a vegetable. The flower makes a tasty dish, too.

What of the banana peel? Well, it can be put to several interesting uses. In India, the peels are fed to cattle that you see munching ruminatively by the roadside. They can also be used in various other interesting ways such as :

  • A face mask
  • A fertilizer
  • A houseplant cleaner
  • An ointment
  • A curative for warts

What’s more, the humble peel can, I am told, be used to polish silverware and leather – an excellent alternative to shoe polish.

Quite apart from, of course, providing a source of mirth when some unfortunate soul treads on it.



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