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The Quick Gun Murugan dosa

Idlis have been getting smaller and smaller, and mini-idlis have become standard fare in many restaurants nowadays. Having partaken of this dish recently, I was compelled to comment that the idlis were small enough to fill a cavity in the tooth.

If idlis are shrinking in size, dosas are heading in the opposite direction. I recall seeing a 6 feet long dosa in a popular Coimbatore reastaurant some years ago.

And, now, a restaurant in Ahmedabad has crafted a 32 feet and 5 inches long specimen that took 40 minutes to make, with 16 chefs practicing for ten days to get it right.

Longest dosa

Aimed at promoting Telugu film actor Rajendra Prasad’s upcoming movie, “Quick Gun Murugan”, this gargantuan has been named after the film.

Sankalp, the restaurant that created this dosa, entered the Guiness Book of Records in 1997 for a dosa that measured 25 feet, and bettered this in 2006 with a 30 feet version.

I wonder if Sankalp offers versions for this dosa such as crisp, soft, masala, etc. And, presumably, the sambar and chutney is served up by the bucket-load.

Curiously enough, Sankalp is located on Drive-in Road. Aren’t all roads meant to be drive-ins?



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