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Wacky …

It is astonishing to see the wacky things that people, sometimes, do.

Have just read about a guy from Saharanpur, in Uttar Pradesh, who sold his shop, and used the money to go to Ranchi in order to try and meet India’s cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and get photographed with him.

Why so?

Because his fiancé, a Dhoni fan herself, insisted on the young man doing so to prove his love, and place the picture in a locket for their impending wedding.

INR 15,000 is all the guy got for his audio/video CD shop, and this money ran out soon enough, forcing him to live on a street pavement in Ranchi.

News of this seems to have reached Dhoni, who stopped by on his way to the airport recently, shook the fan’s hand, and got photographed.

Mission accomplished

Mission accomplished

The fiancé is happy, it appears, the young man is waiting for money to buy a ticket to travel back home, and a priest might, I suppose, get summoned shortly to get the couple to perform the “saat-pheras”.

Reminds me of the hordes of film fans, who after completing a trip to Tirupati, descend on Madras to get a glimpse of the film actors who have played roles in mythological films.

Strange world indeed !!!!



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