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Seeing red …

Thirty years ago, on this day, I was fortunate to emerge alive from a horrific car accident. While I still carry physical scars, and some mental ones, too, the crash opened my eyes to the fact that there are caring humans who are prepared to go that extra distance for their fellow beings.

I shall always be indebted to a man, whose name I will never ever know, who placed stones on the highway to stop oncoming traffic, compelled the driver of a pick-up truck to help, and deposited us at a hospital 30 kms. away. He did not leave a name, since he felt that he had done his duty, and that it was left to God and the medical fraternity to take care of us.

I shall always be indebted to those who, at great personal sacrifice, stood by me during those pain-filled days in hospital and nursed me back to good health, who helped me walk again, and who kept me in good cheer.

Having driven thousands of kilometers, in several countries, under varying road conditions, coping with the peculiar driving habits of people, I have often reflected on the psyche of the individual at the wheel.

Does the fact that you control a powerful machine give you the right to lord over everyone else who attempts to share your space? Does the fact that you have a bigger vehicle give you the right to intimidate those in smaller ones? Does the fact that you possess a driving license give you the license to behave like a boor on the road?

Does the fact that you are personally unmindful of the risks involved in driving recklessly give you the right to place the lives of others at risk?

It horrifies me when I see lunatics in powerful cars / SUVs drive as if there is no tomorrow. Careening down the highway at high speed, weaving in and out of traffic, changing lanes without using the indicator lights, barging in ahead of you without any advance warning, flashing their headlights as they approach you from the rear – rude and arrogant actions that speak poorly of the guy behind the wheel.

Actions that make you want to question what lies between the ears of that individual.

It is a question of attitude, I suppose.

My mind is totally blank about what exactly happened that day, thirty years ago. But, on occasion, I still hear the shrill, harsh, squealing sound of brakes as the driver fought hard to prevent the car from going off the road.

And, I remember the colour of the car – it was blood red.

The colour that comes to mind when I see some of the senseless idiots on the road.



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