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Pakoras and chai …

It has been raining quite heavily for the past two days, and conditions are perfect for relaxing with “pakoras” and a cup of hot chai.

The rains have resulted in the expected traffic chaos, with some unfortunate souls spending 4-5 hours on the road before getting home. Some of my colleagues did the disappearing act from office by 3pm today under this pretext.

A short walk to the neighborhood grocery last evening made me witness something that spoke volumes about the occasional heartlessness of humankind.

There were large pools of water by the side of the road, and pedestrians – me included – were struggling to keep moving. Suddenly, there was this large SUV that noisily drove past straight through the pools, splashing water all over the hapless pedestrians.

One would have given the benefit of doubt to the driver on the grounds that he had no choice but to drive through the water, but this sentiment vanished when one noticed the look of glee and the huge grin on the guy’s face. The words, “sadist”, “idiot”, etc flashed through the mind.

The SUV stopped at a traffic signal a few yards further up the road, and the urge to run up to the vehicle and deflate two tyres was strong.

The desire to render that vehicle hors de combat was suppressed consequent to the realization that retaliation would only mimic the actions of someone who possessed vacuum between the ears.

Letting out a deep sigh, I headed home. The rain eased off momentarily, and the desire to feast on pakoras and hot chai remained unfulfilled.



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