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Pressure …

There have been several occasions in recent days when the thought of writing came to mind, but, somehow, it did not happen. The usual inertia, perhaps.

It has been a challenging period, one of relative inactivity, and myriad emotions have passed through the mind during this period. I would have thought that one’s senses are at their sharpest when one is busy and fully occupied. It is strange, then, that realization also dawns when one is comparatively idle. The mind has nothing else to do, I suppose.

It has been decades since I have had time on my hands. Time when I have done absolutely nothing worthwhile. The daily routine has changed, and is not a desirable one.

I thought I would use the time to do all those little things that had been kept on the backburner all these years. Go through old papers and get rid of all the accumulated stuff that one had saved thinking that they would be of use some day; old acquisitions that had no utility and had not been used for years; unmarked CDs that would, perhaps, never ever be played.

Did this happen? Sadly, no.

This has also been a period when one gets on the nerves of people close to you. You have time on your hands … and assume, without consciously thinking about it, that they have time for you as well. And, you wonder why they get annoyed when you demand attention and time.

This is a period when one gets cranky, crotchety, unreasonable, irrational, and a lot more.

It was during one of those “letting the mind wander while doing nothing” periods that I was reminded of the song “Pressure” written by Billy Joel. This has been one of my all-time favorites, since it drives home a very fundamental message – the message that when you are under pressure, you are unable to handle it, but have to do it alone.

You have to learn to pace yourself

You’re just like everybody else

You’ve only had to run so far, so good

But you will come to a place

Where the only thing you feel

Are loaded guns in your face

And you’ll have to deal with Pressure


Don’t ask for help

You’re all alone

You’ll have to answer, to your own

Nowhere to look but inside

Where we all respond to Pressure


I’m sure you’ll have some cosmic rationale

But here you are with your faith

And your Peter Pan advice

You have no scars on your face

And you cannot handle pressure


I turned on the CD player and listen to this song. It reverberated in my mind.

And, I told myself, “You have to handle the pressure …. Alone.”



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