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Idle watching

There are times when you sit and watch the world go by, and one often comes across moments that are hilarious and present a perspective on how people behave and react.

Standing in the balcony of my apartment presents me an opportunity to watch happenings on the road five floors below, and one of my pastimes is to observe people who deposit their cars in the paid parking strip across the road.

Parallel parking by reversing one’s car into a vacant slot comes naturally to some. For most, though, it is an acquired skill, and this presents moments of mirth from my vantage position.

The driver edges forward, and then tentatively reverses into the slot. Not satisfied, he edges out again and repeats the process. In all this, the fact that he is holding up traffic behind him is blissfully ignored. The process goes on a few times till, finally satisfied, he steps out of the vehicle and admires his handiwork. More often than not, the vehicle is not centred in the slot, and often enough, again, has one set of wheels blatantly transgressing the marked area. This fazes the driver not one jot as he jauntily strides off with family in tow to the restaurant nearby for some well deserved refreshment.

More hilarious is the antics of drivers who believe that it below their dignity, and decide to park for free without placing a ticket on the dashboard. They disappear into the nearby building to conduct their business. Very nonchalantly done, for sure – you must watch their swagger. However the appearance of the parking attendant witnesses the driver emerge from wherever he is like a startled rabbit. This is followed by verbose explanations accompanied by expansive shrugs, waving of arms, placing of hands on chest, etc as the driver vehemently protests his innocence, a “please do not fine me since I have just got here and am about to leave”, and an offer to drive off that very moment.

I have seen this being done so often that I almost will the attendant to write out the ticket.

As for people who double park? Well, this is something that really winds me up, and I’d rather not dwell on it.



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