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Drum beats

The fascination with percussion has been with me from my childhood. I do enjoy music, yes, but whenever I watch a band, rock group, or concert, whether live or on video, I invariably watch the drummer’s actions, listen intently to the sound of the drums, and almost instinctively tap my feet to the beat.

It’s never too late to learn, I told myself, and one day, recently, approached a music school and asked if I was too old to learn to play the drums. “Of course not, you can learn”, they said, and I signed up with no further persuasion required.

I sat at a full 5-piece drum set for the first time in my life, and it was a great feeling. It didn’t matter at that moment in time that my first lesson involved using only the snare drum, but I was learning to be a percussionist. Wow!!

The first class involved learning the techniques of holding the drum sticks – I didn’t realize that there was a science in that – and striking the snare drum in a regular pattern with one hand and, later, with both in unison.

I hit the drum with gusto, and smiled within when I saw the parents of some budding pianists looking in some astonishment at this 50-something student. Look all you want, I told them silently.

When the instructor left the room for a few minutes, I ventured to try using all four limbs to play the full set, and there was an almost child-like pleasure in attempting this. I made little headway, but that was fine. “I will master this one day”, I told myself.

The instructor is probably curious about how this student will turn out, and my work schedule might mean my missing some classes. It might take me a decade to learn the rudiments of playing the 5-piece drum set, but I don’t care. I will learn, and, I will play properly one day.

A childhood dream is gettting fulfilled!!!


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