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Shake “Babu” … quake …

It was most amusing to read that the “babus” in Delhi Government offices will soon have to fork out money, as penalties, if they delay processing files.

Anyone who has dealt with the bureaucracy in Delhi will be aware of the frustrations of having their files passed on, and the fact that ingenious methods have to be adopted to get action.

The “babus”, on the other hand, have been stoically oblivious to the files that pile up, often for years, in the archaic chambers of their respective departments.

The Anna Hazare crusade appears to have shaken the Delhi administration out of its slumber, and Delhi Right of Citizen to Time Bound Delivery of Services (DRCTBDS) Act, which was passed in March 2011, will finally be implemented. (Did they have to come up with such a long name for this piece of legislation?)

The legislation requires select departments to commit to service-level agreements for delivering services to citizens within a time frame, and if investigations into complaints from aggrieved citizens establish delays, the defaulting officers will have to pay fines for their tardiness.

It appears that the state government is in the process of identifying and notifying officers for each department and the requisite services they will provide.

All this sounds great.

However, getting this to work requires a lot of work – fix the responsibility of individuals, amend rules, processes, fix timelines and notify the names of officers in the departments concerned to look into the complaints.

Time will tell how the “babus” adopt to this, how they will react, and how much it will pinch the pocket.

The citizens who have put up with the shenanigans of these officials for years will not have any regrets when they watch these bench-warmers get shaken out of their comfort zone.

Good show !!!



September 1, 2011 - Posted by | About this and that, Human Behavior

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