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Bravo, Blade Runner, bravo !!!!

He didn’t make it to the finals of the 400m at the World Championships in Daegu,South Korea. No one expected he would. But, then, no one expected him to make it past the heats either.

Oscar Pistorius proved many of his doubters wrong by qualifying in the heats and running in the semi-finals, a fantastic achievement for one who had both legs amputated as a child, and now runs with prosthetic legs.

Most athletics watchers had their eyes trained on Usain Bolt going into this championship. Close on the heels of Bolt in the “most eagerly watched” list was undoubtedly the South African “blade runner”.

Pistorius ran the semi-finals in a time of 46.19 seconds, well over a second short of his personal best, and 0.80 seconds slower than his time in the heats, and ended up last.

Yet, his has been a fantastic achievement, and an example of grit, determination and self-belief. “I’m not disabled,” he had said. “I just don’t have any legs. I don’t see myself as disabled. There’s nothing I can’t do that able-bodied athletes can do.”

And, after his loss in Daegu, he was all humility. “I’m a realist, for me to make the final I wasn’t running close to those times and I never have,” he said. “I think even if I had run faster tonight I wouldn’t have made the final, it would have taken a miracle for that to happen.”

Oscar Pistorius did not have to prove anything to himself. He believed in what he was capable of. Sure, he didn’t win. That’s fine.

By running in the heats of the 4×400 relay, Pistorius got a medal when his South African team won silver in the finals.

But, it was not the medal that mattered.

He made it to Daegu, he proved many of critics wrong. And, surely, there must be millions around the globe who would have cheered.

Just as I did.

The Olympics in London in 2012 beckons … the world will be watching … and cheering.


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