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Mind-blowing drums

When I went for my first drum lesson a few weeks ago, my instructor made me sit on a stool (referred to as a throne, incidentally) before something that is commonly known as a 5-piece drum set. It looked somewhat like this.

It consisted of a Base drum with pedal, a Snare drum, a floor Tom, and two mounted Toms. There were also two sets of cymbals – a Hi-hat controlled by a foot pedal, and a Crash cymbal on a stand.


I have watched rock band drummers on video, and been fascinated with the way they produce different sounds from each of the drums they have before them. And, the speed with which their hands fly and strike. But, one of the questions that came to mind when seated before the drums for the first time was, “how do you determine which drum to beat, and how do you do this in a manner that generates great rhythm.”

All this, when confronted by a 5-piece.

I have watched drummers using several drums and cymbal combinations and wondered how they did it. It was fascinating.

And, then, I came across something that was truly mind-blowing. I read about a person who is considered to be one of the greatest rock drummers of our age – Neil Peart – and searched for a video. I came across a Neil Peart solo, and all I could say while watching spellbound was “Wow !!!!!!!! “

This is what Neil Peart’s drum set looks like – a 360 degree array – and he actually uses all of that.


Absolutely amazing.

Want to see Neil Peart in action? Watch this incredible solo at:



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