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Unseen … unsung …

On a brilliant, cloudless, pleasant and sunny day, with a nice breeze blowing, in Toronto recently, I sat on a wooden bench under a tree near the Rogers Centre and watched the world go by, while a cool Coca Cola helped to keep the throat moistened.

Time stood still, and it was a wonderfully relaxed half hour.

There were several thoughts that went through my mind, and I enjoyed the peace and calm, and savoured the moment.

As I looked around, I caught sight of two people, suspended on small platforms that were strung from the roof of a tall building, cleaning the large expanse of glass. They seemed to be doing the job with a fair degree of enthusiasm, and appeared to be making rapid progress – wonder what the occupants of the building thought about someone peering into their homes, though.

It was something that one does not usually notice as we go about our busy daily lives. We tend to take a lot for granted, and expect that roads will be clean, utilities will run, buildings will somehow be maintained well, and everything will work.

We forget (or ignore) those who actually work at making things happen.

True, these two people were doing their job and cleaning the glass, and this was the source of their daily bread.

Yet, it made me think – made me think that we need to be grateful to all those people – silent, nameless, faceless, as far as we are concerned – who make our lives so much more comfortable.

It was in a thoughtful mood that I rose from the bench and walked back.



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