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More interesting to watch paint dry …

To the uninitiated, cricket is a terribly boring game. Partly because of Test matches that sometimes last for five full days and produce no results. And, in today’s fast-paced world, people do not have the luxury of spending that much time on a game.

Fair enough.

The one-day format and the T20 version have brought back interest, and some zing has come back into cricket as a spectator sport.

I had never watched a baseball game (they do not call it a match), and decided to give it a try during a recent visit to North America. The New York Yankees were playing the Toronto Blue Jays, and I wandered into the stadium (they call it a park) to watch.

There were over 20,000 spectators, and I was eager to experience the thrill and excitement of a closely fought game. Sadly, as I was to discover later, this did not happen.

Having been brought up on a diet of cricket, I tried to find a link between the two sports, but, after about an hour of concentrated attention to what was going on, I gave up – it didn’t seem to make any sense. Nothing exciting or noteworthy seemed to be happening. Players came in and went away, the bat made contact with the ball once in a while, and the giant electronic scoreboard displayed images of players and their statistics. The PA announcer, meanwhile, spoke in animated tones, and I wondered if he was commenting about some other match being played elsewhere.

For the spectators, the prime reason for being around appeared to be the consumption of copious quantities of booze and greasy hotdogs. For sure, there was the occasional clapping when someone down there eventually managed to connect bat to ball, but that was about all the involvement with the game, from what I could gather.

I grabbed the attention of a West Indian member of the stadium staff who had strolled over to my area of the stand, and putting on my best “teach me” expression, asked him to explain the game to me. Conscious of the fact that both of us were from the cricketing side of the world, he tried to enlighten me by drawing parallels with cricket. While I managed to get some insights, the rest remained a mystery that, perhaps, shall remain unsolved.

There was a lot of clapping and cheering about three hours into the game. I am not sure if that was for the benefit of the team that won, or to express relief that it was all over and one could go home.

I was disappointed about the game itself – boring beyond words, to put it mildly. Even a five-day Test match with no result has more pulsating moments.

It’s perhaps more interesting to watch paint dry than to watch a baseball game.

It came as no surprise when I read that the phone company, T-Mobile, had decided to offer rented 4G tablet options games to fans of the Los Angeles Angels during home games. Gives the fans something to do between gulps of the booze and eats, and seems to acknowledge that baseball is, indeed, boring.

I will stick to watching cricket.



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