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Cat among the pigeons

Cat Among the Pigeons is the name of a book of detective fiction by Agatha Christie and features one of her best known characters – the Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot.

The idiom “put/set the cat among the pigeons” means “to do or say something that causes trouble and makes a lot of people angry or worried”.

Driving slowly down a quiet lane recently, I noticed a pigeon by the side of the road. Nearby was a cat. Something caught my attention, and since there was no traffic, I stopped the car and watched.

The cat was playing it cool, taking imperceptible steps, and inching its way gradually towards the pigeon. The impression it tried to convey was that it was not aware of the pigeon’s presence, or was not concerned even if it was there.

The smart pigeon, meanwhile, had one eye on the cat while continuing to peck at something on the road. Each time the cat edged closer, the pigeon moved one step away. It conveyed an air of studious indifference to the feline’s presence as if to say, “I don’t care if you are around.”

It was interesting to watch this charade playing out, though I wondered when the cat would make a move and lunge for the pigeon.

The cat appeared to be getting closer and I decided that enough was enough.

Gunning the engine of the car, I moved slowly towards where this drama was on. The pigeon took flight, while the cat scooted towards the safety of the underside of another parked car.

I drove off with the satisfaction that one pigeon had escaped being dinner, and smiled at having seen a different perspective of “cat among the pigeons”.



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