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Silly driving – nothing will change …

The Volkswagen Jetta was approaching too fast, and watching through the rearview mirror, I sensed that there might be trouble. My apprehensions were confirmed when it slammed into the rear of my SUV.

I had just crossed a traffic signal but had to slow down since there was traffic. The driver of the Jetta was only concerned about getting past the signal before it turned red, and had put his foot down on the accelerator unmindful of what was ahead.

My SUV suffered a few minor scratches, but the radiator grill and hood of the Jetta was bent horribly out of shape.

The driver, a young man, emerged sheepishly from the car. My first thought was to give him a piece of my mind, till I realized that it would not help. The accident had happened, and we needed to get the mess sorted out.

I called the police to report the incident, and on being instructed to come to the police station, drove there with the Jetta following me.

The young man, who was on his way to work, was a bit shaken but not in the least bit apologetic. In response to my question, he said that it was his second such accident in a year.

Had he learnt from this incident? I think not.

One sees people driving like this all the time. They tootle along at pedestrian pace, and then, suddenly, accelerate as they approach a traffic signal.

“Where’s the fire? I often wonder. “You will, at worst, be a few minutes late, but is it worth risking life and limb for this?”

Pointless thought. Nothing will change.



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