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Cut out the arrogance …

Reams have been written about India’s disastrous tour to England, and the debacle has left Indian fans scratching their heads wondering what went wrong. The team’s much vaunted bating line-up fired blanks, the bowlers were toothless, lacking the variety and guile to get past the English batsmen, and the butter-fingered fielding was very much in evidence.

When India was unceremoniously unseated from their perch as the No. 1 test team in the world, various excuses were trotted out – fatigue, injury, lack of adequate preparation and a packed calendar. Many of these factors did, perhaps, play a major role, but the manner of the capitulation defied logic.

And, not too long after being crowned World Champions in the one-day game, India could not win even one match in England. Being demoted to the No. 5 team in the ICC rankings is cause for serious self-introspection, whatever one might say about close matches, rain affected fixtures, etc.

There will be recriminations, some heads might roll, some familiar sights in the team colours might not be seen again on the playing field. And, soon, life will go on as if nothing had happened.

This is a time for reflection on what needs to be done

What sticks in the throat, however, is the defiant braggadocio of some worthies in the squad. Commenting in the upcoming series against England on home soil, opener Gautam Gambhir said “We will try and give them the same medicine when they come to India. We are waiting for England so that we can play good cricket and win the series.” Yuvraj Singh, who didn’t exactly blaze a trail of glory in England, echoed similar sentiments. Far from displaying contrition, words such as these smack of arrogance.

The Indian team under Mahendra Singh Dhoni, had earned a reputation of scrapping their way out of trouble on many an occasion, and conjuring up victories when things appeared bleak.

That aura has been seriously dented, and it would be best if players keep their mouths shut and let their batting or bowling speak instead.

The time for swagger and lofty words has gone. It is time for some of these players to earn their keep and deliver.



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