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Quick Boarding gates … nice…

I came across a very interesting concept at Frankfurt, Munich and Hannover airports – a Quick Boarding gate for Lufthansa flights. It looks like any other gate, with a small difference.

The gate staff does not take your boarding card. Instead, one has to hold the boarding card with the face down on a scanner, and on hearing a beep, walk through. The whole process is very quick, and saves time for the passengers as well as the staff.

A small twist that I observed – one passenger had a printed copy of an online check-in, and his seat number had changed since then – when he scanned the boarding he was carrying with him, the machine printed out another boarding card with the changed seat – all this in a few seconds.

I read that Continental Airlines has launched a self-boarding trial at Houston Airport, while Seoul’s Incheon International Airport, one hears, also has this in operation.



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  1. Nice learning. Nice of you to share such airport related information. Thanks.


    Comment by Nelson Menezes | September 27, 2011 | Reply

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