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A Fantasy rolling out …

A Lego set is a child’s plaything, but I have observed adults, too, patiently spending hours, and enjoying putting together the little, precisely moulded, bricks to form various shapes – houses, cars, animals, bridges, etc.

Which is why I was fascinated when I read that Lego bricks have been used to put together to form a replica of a full size Ford Explorer SUV that will be transported to Orlando, Florida in time for the opening of the new Legoland.

The red Lego-Explorer took 22 designers 2,500 hours to build, weighs about 1,200 kg (more than half of the real car), and is supported by a 350 kg interior aluminum base.

It took 380,000 bricks to build the Lego-Explorer which would, at current cost of Lego sets, work out to almost US$ 40,000, more than the price one would, perhaps, pay for an actual Ford Explorer.

As it travels in a trailer with transparent sides from Ford’s Chicago assembly plant to Orlando in tme for the park’s opening on 15th October 2011 , there will be thousands of curious eyes following this amazing creation.

Child’s play? Perhaps, not. But, it is certainly something that brings out the child in an adult.



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  1. True
    If we live like a child, life will be amazing.


    Comment by Revathy Venkatratnam | October 4, 2011 | Reply

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