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Deserving of a salute

I wrote a post in April 2009 about Indian aviation titled “Flying in those days”, and referred to a small airline called Jamair.

Since then, I have received messages from two people who were closely involved with Jamair, though in different ways.

One was from Katherine Quinn, the daughter of one of Jamair’s founders, Eddie Quinn. I had posted her comment in September 2011.

The other was this morning from Lalit Mawkin who wrote, “This is just amazing — 5th December 1970, my uncle Captain SS Sehgal was co-pilot with Captain Mehta and they died in that crash behind INA. I was just browsing about 1970 and Jamiar and found this post which carried me back to 1970’s. Thanks. LK Mawkin

Thanks for your comment, Lalit. I am sure you recall your uncle with considerable pride.

In today’s jet age, we forget about those intrepid fliers who helped transform commercial aviation. They deserve to be saluted.


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  1. it was nice to read your blog—My uncle Sham sehgal was co pilot in that ill fated flight that crashed behind INA colony on 5th december 1970 and i was gald to see the newspaper opicture–I sent it to her daughter at Newzealand–I flew from Calcutta to delhi in 1969 and then in 1970 from delhi to patiala–we have a special connection with jamair–Thanks for your post–God bless–


    Comment by dograclub | October 3, 2012 | Reply

  2. I posted a reply and got your message after i had posted a second reply–Life goes on but thanks to Internet we are able to connect with people like you who were the witness to that crash and also it was nice reading a note from catherine about her father starting the Jamair–i always thought that it was owned by calcutta marwaris–and after the crash imagine my uncle got no compensation and he had not apid his LIC premium and my aunt was just left on her own–and she remarried after some years and stays in delhi at kalka ji–I am at Gurgaon–a medical equipment consultant—
    I look forward reading your blogs–


    Comment by dograclub | October 3, 2012 | Reply

  3. Hello, I just came across your post about Jamair. My father N. Sreenivasan was a radio operator with Jamair from 1949 to 1953. He is almost 90 now and still talks fondly of his days with Jamair. He talks about days spent shuttling cargo from place to place and learning all about flying. Thanks for your blog post.


    Comment by uma sreenivasan | May 30, 2015 | Reply

    • Thank you. Apologies for not responding earlier – was away from my blog for a while. I would love to hear your father’s experiences and anecdotes.


      Comment by Crotchet's Corner | November 11, 2016 | Reply

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