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Mountain moods …

Hartbeespoort is a pretty town that is not very far away from Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa, and is located on the slopes on the Magaliesberg mountain. The Magaliesberg is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, going back many millions of years.

My work has taken me often to this part of South Africa, and I have stayed in Hartbeespoort, or Harties as the town is popularly referred to. The balcony of my hotel room (I have stayed in the same room during every visit) faces a section of the Magaliesberg, and it has been fascinating to see the appearance of the mountain change depending on the time of day, the play of the sun, and the sky overhead. There have been times when the mountain looks golden, times when the sun setting behind the mountain gives an appearance of a crown of fire, and times when the top of the mountain has been concealed by low hanging clouds.

I have not been able to resist the urge to photograph the various “moods” of the mountain from my balcony. As I looked at the pictures, a thought crossed my mind that the many moods of the mountain are similar to the moods we ourselves experience every day.

There are moments when we feel absolutely on top of the world like the bright blue sky over the mountain. There are moments when we feel incredibly happy and satisfied, like the golden look of the rocks. There are moments when we feel angry, like the crown of fire seen above the mountain peak. And, there are moments when we feel low and depressed, like the mountain on a rainy or cloudy day.

But, the clouds pass, the sun comes shining brightly, and the sky turns a beautiful deep blue. The mountain does not change – all that happens is that events surrounding it are different.

I see this as a lesson. There many highs and many lows in our lives. What remains is our inner self and strength, which, like the mountain, needs to be resolute. and determined.

The Magaliesberg has seen it all, and survived. We owe it to ourselves to mirror the mountain.

Enjoy the views – these photographs were taken at different times of the day.






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