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Feel good …

There are days when you feel really good. Sometimes, you know the reason why; there are times when you don’t.




It could be that somebody said or did something nice to you. Or, that you approach some event with trepidation and discover that your apprehensions were unfounded. It could be that you heard some good news, or that you merely had a satisfying meal. An unexpected order, or one of life’s many little surprises, all conspire to bring out a smile.


Life can be depressing sometimes, and the rat race does occasionally get to you. Traffic congestion, frayed nerves, stress at work, social expectations, and temper tantrums – they all add up.


It is at such times that the “feel good” days enliven you.  This is when you push all your problems momentarily aside and bask in the warmth that these moments provide.


You begin to appreciate the perspective of the half-empty or half-full glass.


Given a choice, one would opt for the half-full glass any day!!!


There is another way of looking at it.


If you feel good today, you don’t need to question or wonder why you feel that way, do you?


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